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Community Benefits and Social Corporate Responsibility are becoming ever more important in business and public sector bidding. Developing, delivering and reporting on Community Benefits commitments can often be a challenge. We want to offer you the best of both worlds by providing a high-impact Community Benefits and an opportunity to support an innovative non-profit organisation through SCR and sponsorship.

Why is it important to organisations?

There have been increased demands from employees, customers and government bodies for businesses to be more open about their activities and to reach, and maintain, acceptable standards in their business practice.

For employers, CSR is now seen as an important way to increase competitive advantage, protect and raise brand awareness and build trust with customers and employees. will help when bidding to public sector bodies such as:

We will work with you to deliver your Community Benefits commitments on your behalf. This will provide the following benefits:

  • Demonstrates an innovative approach to Community Benefits, delivering real value

  • Cost-effective but high-impact Community Benefits offering

  • Flexible service that can be replicated and deployed into any area that you are biddingLocal Authorities

  • Regular monitoring, evaluation & impact reports tailored to the your needs

  • Minimal time investment required from you

  • Demonstrates an innovative approach to SCR and creating Social Impact & Community Benefit, delivering real value

Your Sponsorship will support group and individual activities in:

  • Social Care

  • NHS / Healthcare

  • Schools

  • Multiply Deprived Communities

  • Prison Services

  • Social Housing

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