Music Projects


Hip-Hop, Rap, DJ & Multi-Genre

Our Electronic themed music projects follow a simple theme; “lets make bangin’ tunes and build an album”!

Working with any genre or style of electronically produced music from Rap to Techno, or just elements of pure DJ skills, we take groups on a complete journey of creative sound with no experience or abilities needed.

Using instruments and technology found in mainstream recording studios like DJ controllers, mixers, drum machines, Launchpad, Ableton and Logic Pro, we start building beats, developing lyrics, Rapping, MC’ing and using our voices to tell our own stories with no limit on creative content exploring the issues that mean something to us.

Produce, sample, play, spit bars, record, create album or visual artwork, and pull it all together to create your own EP or collaborative album. Market it and have opportunities to do live on-air radio sessions (eat cake) and beyond.

Band and Instrumental

Like any music lover, our taste in music doesn’t just mean we like one kind of music!

Our band and instrumental projects are geared towards those who enjoy or want an opportunity to make metal, rock, blues, folk or any other kind of set up that involves all the elements needed to pull together a jam.

Play, learn, write, record! Pretty much an excuse to come together and have a laugh while using instruments like bass, guitar, drums (and E-drums), keyboards and synths, plus anything else we can think of. Learning about sound recording, studio engineering, tracking vocals and developing enough material to make an Album, EP or demo.

You don’t need to be able to play an instrument, sing or be experienced in making music to get involved and take part in our projects. We focus on building relationships, having a laugh and working at our own pace to the project develop naturally.

We take a youth work based approach in our methods and all Heavy Sound practitioners are experienced in the music industry, child protection, lived experience mentoring, community music & youth work. Our projects are designed to promote inclusion, encourage engagement, develop skills, build confidence & self-esteem, take alternative approaches to education & learning, and most importantly, find new forms of expression and challenge barriers on our own terms.

Our main projects are usually delivered over 8 or 11 sessions however, we are more than happy to create or develop unique and bespoke programmes to suit any group, individuals, school or service.

The Heavy Sound method is research tested and our approaches are built on person centred working and constantly improving our services in response to our participatory groups and project outcomes.

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